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HUGH TEXAS RANCH PROPERTY.  THIS sale is for 5 LOTS, 4 X 5.10 acres adjacent lots  and one 5.12 ACRE nearby  PARCEL  located in Hudspeth County. There is plenty of room for your ranch, corral, barn and animals.  There are no building restrictions and no time limit to build.  The air is clean and at night the views of the stars are limitless.  There are no CCRs, NO LIENS and the title is clear. All Taxes are Paid, for current year.
Gorgeous Mountain views
Attraction's Areas: Guadalupe National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Lincoln National Forest, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Red Bluff Reservoir, Madden Reservoir, Finlay Mountain, Big Bend River Tours and Big Bend National Park, Rio Grande Vineyard & Winery, The Chihuahuan Desert, and more.

This is a gorgeous view of the surrounding valley and stunning mountain. Breathtaking views West TEXAS Mini RANCH LAND with Great Climate! You have many out door activities such as Camping, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Boating, ATV's. A quiet, secluded & getaway! This is undeveloped, west Texas ranch country, plenty of space to put your ranch, corral, barn and lots of critters. Natural habitation for antelope, dove, quail, jackrabbits and an abundance of other small wildlife. You have it all right here.

Hudspeth County, is in the Trans-Pecos region of far-western Texas, is bordered by New Mexico to the North, El Paso County to the West, Culberson and Jeff Davis counties to the East and the Mexican State of Chihuahua to the South.  

Interstate Highway 10 and U.S. Highway 80 cross Southern Hudspeth County from East to West, and U.S. highways 62 and 180 cross Northern Hudspeth County from East to West. The county covers 4,566 square miles of terrain in the Rio Grande basin that varies from mountainous to nearly level, with elevations ranging from 3,200 to 7,500 feet above sea level.   Sierra Blanca, is the County Seat which is seventy miles southeast of El Paso in south central Hudspeth County

The climate is subtropical, arid, warm, and dry, with an average minimum temperature of 29° in January and an average high temperature of 94° in July.   The growing season averages 230 days a year, and the average annual precipitation is less than ten inches.  Vegetation includes short, sparse grasses, creosote bush, scrub brush, mesquite, and cacti, with juniper, live oak, and piñon at the higher elevations. Among the minerals found in Hudspeth County are barite, beryllium, coal, copper, fluorspar, gold, gypsum, lead, limestone, mica, clay, salt, silver, talc, and zinc.



Parcel Number are:
20 Sec 13 PSL LOT 101( 5.10 acres)
20 Sec 13 PSL LOT 102( 5.10 acres)
20 Sec 13 PSL LOT 103( 5.10 acres)
20 Sec 13 PSL LOT 104( 5.10 acres)
68 TSP 2 Sec 2 T&P E 1/2 LOT 50 ( 5.12 Acres)

 From parcel map you can see,4 Lots are next to each other and one close by, you can buy for yourself as investment property or your kids or grandkids. Low taxes will not break your bank even if you keep it for decades. Your loved one will appreciate that one day.
I bought these for my kids but have to address some family emergency so selling them,Similar properties are listed for way more than what I am selling for 

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landsofamerica.com/property/20-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1954462                         selling 20 Acres for $17,900
landsofamerica.com/property/20-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1954454                         selling 20 Acres for $17,900
landsofamerica.com/property/20-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1954431                         selling 20 Acres for $17,900
landsofamerica.com/property/20-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1898429                         selling 20 Acres for $17,900
landsofamerica.com/property/40-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1898472                         selling 40 Acres for $27,900
landsofamerica.com/property/Sierra-Blanca-Sierra-Blanca-Texas-79851/1898461                   selling 40 Acres  for $27,900
landsofamerica.com/property/40-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1898422                         selling 40 Acres for $27,900
landsofamerica.com/property/Lot-23-24-Unamed-Raod-Fort-Hancock-Texas-79839/4612622            selling 40 Acres for $34,900
landsofamerica.com/property/Lot-19-20-Unnamed-Road-Fort-Hancock-Texas-79839/4612618           selling 40 Acres for $34,900
landsofamerica.com/property/60-Acres-in-Hudspeth-County-Texas/1898465                         selling 60 Acres for $35,900
landsofamerica.com/property/Arispe-TX-United-States-Sierra-Blanca-Texas-79851/566858          selling 60 Acres for $35,900


There is $250.00 documentation preparation that will be for all 5 LOTS,  It will be Warranty Deed . It will be the same original deed with all rights transferred to your ownership. The Property is Sold-As-Is. please do your due diligence.

Serious buyers only, it cost me almost 100$ to list this, please respect my and your time.

if any questions please send me message.

Thank you for your time