These are used but still in great working condition. They may be a little sun faded and a little dirty but they get the job done. What I like about these boxes is that they have one combination to attach the lock box and a different combo to access the key compartment. I use these for my rentals and it prevents tenants from stealing the box or changing the code. These are all set to 0000 and can be changed to any 4 digit code you wish. I have hundreds of these to sell so the ones you receive will be different than what is pictured. I will send the best looking ones at the time you buy. You will be receiving 5 locks shipped to you for $35.00.

The combo for the shackle is set at "0000", the door is always 3 numbers higher than the latch. Currently "3333" To change both combos, enter the current shackle combo then turn the set screw on the side from horizontal to vertical (1/4 clockwise) enter your preferred combo then turn screw back to the horizontal position. Lets say you set the shackle to "1234" the new door combo would be "4567" three digits higher than the shackle.