When you receive your micro sd card, you just insert it into your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.  

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS plug in your controller of choice, and it will ask you to configure the buttons and you'll be ready to go! Multiple themes have been pre-installed.  Keep in mind that some themes do not have images for all of the systems below.  I am sending with "Simplebigart" as the default theme (the first photo)

Auction includes:

1 - SanDisk 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Card OR Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 MicroSD Card (either one may be sent unless you indicate a preference!) - with the following games/systems included:

Atari 7800 67 Capcom 26 Capcom Play System 1 35 Capcom Play System 2 41 Capcom Play System 3 6 Cave 17 Daphne 1 Dataeast 56 Dreamcast 2 FB Alpha 614 Galaxian 70 Game Boy 1570 Game Boy Advance 105 Game Boy Color 527 Game Gear 476 Genesis 781 Irem 50 Kaneko 28 Konami 109 Master System 271 Midway 10 Neo Geo 146 Neo Geo Pocket Color 37 Nintendo (NES) 768 Nintendo 64 12 Nintendo DS 32 Pac-Man 25 PC Engine 290 Playstation 17 PS Portable - PSP 9 Polygame Master 28 Psikyo 16 Sega (Arcade) 107 Sega 32x 33 Seta 60 Super Famicom 128 Super Nintendo 781 Taito 141 Technos 16 TOAPLAN 33 Turbografx16 94 VirtualBoy 22 Grand Total 7657

A total of 7,657 roms!  (1,402 total arcade roms)

View the complete list here! .. https://offdah3z.github.io/ 

Also, you will receive ports of Kodi, Minecraft, Wolf 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, Super Mario War and DOOM!

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FYI: A charger with 2A (or better) is recommended for best performance on the Raspberry Pi.  Overclocking options are available to you as well.  

Keep in mind that some roms/emulators are naturally slow (such as StarFox for SNES, the Dreamcast, and the N64. I'm still including as you may want to tweak the settings to find out what looks best for you!).   
To enable Wi-Fi, it's easiest to use a USB keyboard.  

Also, the Raspberry Pi uses a Linux partition so the SD card isn't readable in Windows computers unless you're using third-party software or a virtual machine running Linux!

I have 100% feedback and always ship same day or within 1 business day.  Please bid with confidence and ask any questions that you may have! Enjoy!