Natural Dark Circles Eye Bags Treatment for Lightening Eyelids Fade Serum

Natural Dark Circles Eye Bags Treatment for Lightening Eyelids Fade Serum

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Men, Women, Pregnant Women, Seniors, Teens, and Children.

This 100% natural and chemical-free product is effective in helping the delicate eye skin to repair and rebuild itself anew, and gradually fade darkness. It relieves two types of eye area darkeness issues:
1. Dark bags from visible blood capillaries showing beneath the eyelid skin (this can be caused by sleeplessness, erratic sleep patterns, eye allergies, sickness, eye strain, wearing irritating contacts, an unhealthy diet, or chronic dry eyes).
2. "Dark circles" around the eyes, which are like a stain on both the eyelids and eye bags. This is caused by melanin coloration within the cells of the eye region (this coloring typically appears as a genetic trait that begins at puberty, or can form during or after pregnancy).
This super concentrated eye skin lightener has a tag-team approach, with specific herbs that cater to both types of discoloration issues. It soaks deeply into the skin with herbs, botanicals, spices, and other natural ingredients- designed to shrink and contract the size of capillaries in the eye region, and also helps deplete the skin cells of excessive melanin deposits.

*This is a long-term treatment, and is not an overnight fix. Results accumulate with continued use.
* Have puffy eye bags? Please view my "Eye Wrinkles & Bags Serum" for reducing puffiness! (The product featured here is not necessarily designed for relieving skin swelling- even if it works that way for some people).


1. NO CHEMICALS. One of the frustrating aspects of searching for a dark eye bags treatment- is that most of the choices on the market are creams. Creams are almost entirely made of chemicals, which can- and do- get into the bloodstream, especially when applied to the delicate skin of the eyes. In contrast, this dark eye circles product is designed to benefit all layers of our skin, helps the skin to repair and restore itself, and every natural ingredient chosen is safe in our the bloodstream.

2. NOT STICKY. So many eye creams on the market leave a sticky residue on the skin, but this is a liquid that sinks fully into the skin. It leaves behind no sticky or thick residue.

3. MOISTURIZING. Your eyes will love the Certified Organic Aloe Vera concentrate- in this 100% natural product. It's holistically designed for your eyelid and eye bag comfort, moisturization, and overall health!

4. NO DARKENING. One of the horrifying traits of chemical-filled eye creams on the market- is that they have the potential to backfire- and make the eye skin darker! This happens because the individual's body chemistry is fighting against certain chemicals that it cannot synthesize, use, or "understand". As a defense mechanism, the skin will add layers to itself there- trying to prevent the chemical from coming in! What forms there is even more of the same dark-pigmentation cells (formatted according to the DNA's melanin level in that location)! As the skin thickens itself against those chemicals, there is even more darkening- and now you know why. Thankfully, that negative reaction is impossible with this natural product, because the body can synthesize these lightening herbs, use them, and "understand" all these organic-matter nutrients!

5. GREAT FOR MEN. The smell of this is barely noticeable, and not "girly"- unlike some eye creams on the market that can leave men smelling like a bouqet. Unfortunately, lovely-smelling chemical perfumes are some of the most toxic chemicals in cosmetics and creams!

6. EXFOLIATES. This dark eye bags lightening treatment also contains gentle, all-natural AHA acids that melt away dull, dead layers of eyelid skin! Your eyelids can literally glow lighter each day- being refreshed by a 100% natural holistic treatment!

7. MAKE-UP OK. Most eye creams tend to interfere with make-up applications. Creams can leave an slick film on the skin, causing streaking of make-up. This will not cause streaking of eye area make-up, and is 100% oil-free.

8. NO ALCOHOL. Many creams on the market have some alcohol in them to serve as a preservative, and also to sink the ingredients into the skin faster. Unfortunately, the use of alcohol in creams can lead to temporarily irritated or bloodshot eyes. This healthy dark under eye bags treatment contains zero alcohol!

9. NO HYDROQUINONE. Many skin lightening products on the market use Hydroquinone, but none of my natural skin bleaching products use this potentially toxic, and skin-irritating ingredient. Hydroquinone has been outlawed in certain countries, and banned beyond certain percentage concentrations in products. Whatever we use on our eye area needs to be safe. All of my ingredients are safe, and non-toxic in this natural eye bags lightening treatment.

10. NON-COMEDOGENIC & OIL-FREE. This product will not clog your pores at all. I cannot say that about many eye creams I've tried! Also, this eye product has no oils that would irritate the eyes, blur vision, or clog hair follicles. It's ideally formulated for the eye area!

1. IT'S PERSONAL. My hand-made, highly controlled small-batch, potent-quality, finest-ingredients products come from my house- to yours! I am the inventor. The person selling it- is the person making it- is the person shipping it- is the person in some of the "BEFORE & AFTER" photographs (or my family)! If you e-mail for help, I'm personally there for you- every step of the way! Are other beauty products/companies this personal?

2. HELP OTHERS. Customers can come back to THIS "manufacturer" to give their personal thanks, testimonials, feedback, and recommendations! Because I use my products, I see them from a customer's viewpoint, and I value my customers. My customers/product fans can also change people's lives- by personally referring them to these products, posting their "Before and After" photos, blogging, or creating video reviews!

3. BEFORE & AFTER PICS. Must-see "Before and After" photos from me, my family, and happy customers- are a one-of-a-kind endorsement about these beauty products! Finally... tried-and-true natural solutions for your body!

4. YOUR 1-STOP-SHOP. Make sure to look at all my various 100% natural hair products for different needs! I have many natural "must-have" skin products, too! I'm coming out with new products for the hands, nails, and body!

5. DISCREET SHIPPING. My packages don't explain the contents. The label has my address and your address, that's all.

6. EXPERIENCED. Most of my ingredients are expensive. I have already paid for these products for myself- repeatedly! You'll receive the finest things from my products, because I get the best ingredients for myself, my family, you, and everyone else! There are low-quality imitations of these special ingredients out there- bad stuff that you wouldn't even know to avoid! I've found the finest brands and forms of all my super-concentrated ingredients, and I pay top-dollar for Organic ingredients!

7. HOLISTIC PLANTS. You know how almost all products out there... have only 1 or 2 "Active Ingredients"? They can take forever to work, or be so diluted with chemicals that they never do work! My products? These specially-chosen herbs help your body to heal itself in all the layers of tissue- holistically! This is why my natural products have such loyal customers! Get completely devoted- to something that's natural, and worthy!

8. GIFT-WRAPPED. All my packages are gift-wrapped by hand!

1. Fast next business day shipment of their order!
2. Full instructions (that are detailed and "fool proof") arrive with your package, also, of course!
3. FREE shipping domestically within the USA! I DO ship internationally!
4. I encourage you to keep in touch! Let me know how it's going? E-mails are answered within 24 hours- promptly, courteously, and thoughtfully!

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1 dram, or 4ml bottle. Bottle is cobalt blue glass with a clear "reducer" dropper cap and a black screw-on lid. Bottle lasts approximately 1 month when used as directed.

Certified ORGANIC Citrus Limon, Certified ORGANIC Aloe Vera concentrate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Matricaria Chamomilla, Mangifera Indica, Cream of Tartar, Curcuma Longa.

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