Michael Jackson Life Mask/Cast From Thriller Video, Sculptor William Forsche

Michael Jackson Life Mask/Cast From Thriller Video, Sculptor William Forsche

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This reconstructed modern day casting of Michael Jackson has been created by special effects and lifecasting artist William Forsche. The lifecast was originally obtained by myself while working in the same special effects facility that created the original castings for "Thriller." The original casting was in my possession since 1986 and was in need of expert restoration which I decided to undertake after hearing the news of Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.

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This 1:1 life-size casting is professionally crafted using a professional grade plaster and has a sturdy metal loop in the back for displaying on a wall.


This casting can also be produced from a lightweight urethane plastic for an additional 75 dollars upon request.

William Forsche has been creating and collecting lifecasts for most of his adult life. One of Forsche's career highlights was creating a lifecast of Vincent Price in 1988.

"I have personally been collecting and creating life masks in Hollywood for over 30 years."
"This is a professionally made modern casting made of the highest grade materials available."
- William Forsche


William Forsche offers you this high quality life mask direct from his Hollywood collection.

Castings from our "Premium" Life Mask collection are made for the discriminating collector. These castings have been professionally remastered from the best source materials available, and should not be confused with lower quality life masks readily available elsewhere. A signed C.O.A. and a signature on every cast is provided by William Forsche to ensure its authenticity and high quality.

Our castings have been used in numerous film productions, William Forsche has done life mask creation for Academy Award winning make-up artists Rick Baker, Greg Cannom and for George Lucas' special effects company Industrial Light and Magic.
Many of our castings are also in  the personal collections of high profile collectors and artists such as:  Guillermo del Toro, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Liza Minnelli, Hugh Heffner, Kirk Douglas, and the late Tony Curtis and Gregory Peck.


Testimonials from Hollywood professionals about the quality of Forsche Design Life Masks.

Andy Schoneberg is a two time Emmy award winning makeup artist  for "The Walking Dead." Below is the Humphrey Bogart display he created using one of Forsche's Life Masks.
"I met William 28 years ago(!) on Dead Heat. He was a master life caster then, doing excellent work. He's a fantastic artist and technician.
William's life cast collection is without equal. If William is offering a life cast of a particular person,
you can bet he's done the legwork to make sure that it's the best, most accurate cast available. Period." -Andy Schoneberg
Dan Platt's work includes "Terminator 2", Tupac Shakur's hologram for "Coachella" and he was also the Facial Model Lead responsible for youthenizing Jeff Bridges as Clu for "Tron: Legacy."
"Bill, I've been collecting life casts from you for 20 years and without fail, your castings are undisputedly the sharpest, distortion free and most accurate castings in the industry. How do I know? Every morning Ebay sends out a fresh listing of available life casts and I am appalled on what is being offered by your competitors. When I had the privilege to work with you at Greg Cannom's in the early 90's, your life cast work was without flaw and that same attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every cast that you sell. I could not and most importantly, WILL NOT buy any life cast from anyone other than you. The success of my career depends heavily on the solid understanding of facial anatomy, form and structure. For the last two decades, your life casts gave me that invaluable understanding. And without that knowledge, I would never have been able to correctly interpret poorly lit or artistically shot photographs when I recreated Tupac for Coachella." -Dan Platt

Tom Spina: Sculptor, Movie Prop Conservation Artist and Collector works on an original "Mrs. Doubtfire" appliance displayed on a custom Robin Williams life mask display bust provided by William Forsche of Forsche Design.
"To any and all collectors of lifecasts,
You will simply never find another source like William Forsche. His decades of film FX experience and encyclopedic knowledge are a benefit not found in any other lifecast seller, but the real value is in the exquisite quality of the castings themselves. Each is a work of art in its own right, always with highest level of detail of any available, and the closest generation to the original actor's face. I am never disappointed when I open a package from Forsche!
I've counted on Bill for reference busts when recreating famous faces and also for things like copies of Robin Williams' head, to which we applied two sets of original Mrs. Doubtfire appliances for display. In order to achieve that, we needed castings that were properly sized and without warp. Bill delivered, as he always does!
I can highly recommend his work to anyone interested and look forward to my next purchase!"  Sincerely,
-Tom Spina


Daniel Horne is a multiple award winning artist, painter and mask maker whose work is in many private collections worldwide including: Guillermo del Toro, Greg Nicotero and Rick Baker.http://www.forschedesign.com/Auctions/Mark_Hamill_SW/Daniel_Horn_BOF_Comp_001_small.jpg
"William, Thank you again for offering great life casts, I have ten of yours and they are far superior to anything else that is offered."  -Daniel Horne


Mike Hill is a portrait sculptor and artist whose work is in many private collections, Mike has also sculpted for television's "American Horror Story" and film projects such as "Men in Black 3" and "The Wolfman."
"Life masks are a valuable tool in the process of sculpting a human head or likeness. It doesnt matter if it isn’t the actual person, understanding the folds and planes of the face is far easier to understand if you hold one in your hand .  William Forsche is my go-to for any life mask."     -Mike Hill


Why purchase our life masks when there are cheaper plastic castings and other sources available?

"The advent of the internet has put collecting life masks into the hands of many people outside the film industry; I have personally acquired some of these life masks from various internet sources and have been extremely disappointed with the quality and the distortion (shrinkage etc.) of these castings. The average person outside the film industry doesn't have studio grade life masks to compare their castings with. With over 30 years of selectively collecting life masks it has always been my goal to obtain the highest quality masks available. Not only have I been a collector I am also a Hollywood life mask artist who has created some of the castings that exist in private collections, museums and have been used in the production of many of the major Hollywood films which I have worked on. My professional experience gives me the insight and the ability to compare similar castings and grade them on their detail, shrinkage and distortion.
It is my goal and my passion to always make the highest quality life masks possible and it is my pleasure to share these casts with the discriminating life mask collector."     -William Forsche

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Forsche Design's white plaster lifecast of Grace Kelley on the left compared to theirs which is on the right.

Our more complete and detailed Grace Kelley cast does not exhibit the shrinkage or distortion of their casting which has less detail. Their once white plastic cast has yellowed considerably with age and has only a single wire as a do it yourself type of hanger.

Lifecast artist Willa Shalit invited William Forsche to New York City in 1986 to teach her his lifecasting techniques, after seeing the torso and face casting of Hugh Heffner's girlfriend that he created for the Playboy Mansion.
Forsche was later asked to assist Willa Shalit with the smiling lifecast of Stevie Wonder created for his Album cover "Characters."
Many of Forsche's lifecasting techniques were also utilized for some of Shalit's more refined lifecasts in her book "Life Cast: Behind the Mask."
Forsche works on a life mask of Brooke Shields in Shalit's  lifecast studio, New York City circa 1986.
Modern day photo of William Forsche recreating the "Aladdin Sane" life masks that he originally made for David Bowie's personal collection.
David Bowie and William Forsche at "Top of the Pops" circa 1987.
William Forsche with Hollywood Acting Legends: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Gregory Peck.
Select image below to read an article about the lifecast artist William Forsche.
William Forsche was asked to join several other top Hollywood make-up effects artists recently to teach his lifecasting techniques in the "Ultimate Creature Creator Class."

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-William Forsche

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