When making resin kits here at SpatCave Studios, sometimes kits don’t come out perfect and when we get enough parts for a complete kit, it’s time to let them go!

This is a complete Headset Kit that can be worn with your Alien, Aliens, Or Star Wars Costume, or as a prop in its own. It comes with all the same parts as our standard kit, just that each of these parts is damaged, or miscast in some way.

Be sure to look closely at the pics. What you see is what you get. This kit is NOT for beginners. It will require a lot of clean up and prep work to make it into an awesome prop, but if you wanted to make it look Battle damaged or splashed with acid, this is the kit for you!

It includes all the resin parts, the screws, padding, wires and the headset base.

It also includes detailed assembly instructions and a link to our website where we have a step by step photo tutorial on the assembly.

Again, this is not a kit for beginners. But if you’re a pro at making resin kits shine, this is a great deal!

Cast in quality resin. There are some air bubbles that will need to be filled. And some of the parts need some extra sanding or trimming.